Zucchini Milk Anyone?

zucchini milk in two glasses

Sounds weird … but did you know you can make ‘milk’ from zucchini’s? I didn’t until last week. This is one way to use up all those zucchini’s that ripen all at the same time in the garden – the ‘milk’ can be frozen for future use.

Zucchini, otherwise known as courgette, contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, is high in antioxidants and aids digestion. This makes it a nutritious addition to smoothies and can be substituted for milk when making cakes, muffins, yeast breads, soups, casseroles, puddings or pancakes. 

I tried two methods of making zucchini ‘milk’ this weekend – and also had the kids explain that it can’t really be called ‘milk’ as you can milk a zucchini – so does that make it a juice? Also rather hard to juice a zucchini!

The green version of this recipe I used in the vegetarian lasagne I was making for dinner and the white version is now in the freezer, where it will keep for approximately three months.

Here’s how to make it

Select several fresh healthy zucchini and remove the ends.

For white milk peel the zucchini and remove any large seeds, small seeds are fine. For green milk leave the skin on.

zucchini milk ingredients and blender

Cut zucchini into small chunks.
Put in blender or food processor and add 100 ml of filtered water per zucchini and blitz until it forms a milky consistency.

blended zucchini in a blender, on a chopping board, measuring spoon and knife

Freeze in a 1/2 a cup or 1 cup portion size. If keeping in the fridge use within 3-4 days.


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