How to go zero waste tips for people

Zero Waste Homes

This short article and infographic, from Bea Johnson, discusses the Zero Waste concept with five important but easy to follow steps. They are the Five R’s – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rot and Recycle.

“We are hopefully more aware in today’s world of the importance we should place on our day to day behaviour and its impact on the environment around us. Gone are the days where people don’t consider their lifestyle choices in conjunction with the living world. Single use plastic is higher on people’s agendas; our commutes to work; the fashion we choose to purchase- they all have an impact on the world’s environment.

Weather changes and worrying patterns have finally made many people stand up and realise that even the smallest of behaviour changes can have a positive impact. It’s also about educating those around us, our children, our friends, our family members old and young. A new concept that has risen in recent times that is actionable for everyone is the “Zero Waste” ideal.

The guys from EZ Living have put together this infographic below that outlines exactly what you need to know in relation to the Zero Waste concept. Learn actionable ways on how to implement this into your day to day lifestyle and as a result, count yourself into the growing number of people willing to take responsibility for their climate related actions, one step at a time.”

zero waste homes infographic waste prevention waste management reduce reuse recycle

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