Whiten Linen With Crushed Egg Shell

This is another gem from back in the day: To whiten linen, crush several clean egg shells (from your happy free range chickens) and place them in a calico bag that is tightly sealed.

Of course, you could simply use our Natural San as a soaker then wash items in the machine and add our Bluing Powder to the final rinse.

But why not give the eggshells a chance to do their thing?

Bring a large pot of water to the boil with your yellowed linen in, add the calico egg bag and boil for 5 minutes then leave to soak and cool down. When cool enough take the linen out and hang in the sun to dry.

For white linen or clothes that have gone grey crush up a few shells, pop them in your calico bag and put the bag into the washing machine with your whites and a tablespoon of our natural laundry powder.

Wash on warm in your machine and for an extra whitening boost add a tablespoon of Wendyl’s Green Goddess Bluing Powder to the final rinse.


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