What to Plant in August

It’s August and you can almost feel spring in the air, the daffodils and freesias are blooming in our street and I’m going to get into the garden this weekend and turn over, mulch and fertilise the raised beds ready to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables so we have a good crop in a month or so. If you’re wondering what to plant at this time of year the passionate people at Awapuni Nurseries have written a brilliant monthly guide available on their site, here’s what to do and plant in August ….

If you’re keen to freshen up your back yard with some nice smart lawn, now’s the time to prepare the soil. Give it a good rake, level it off and get ready to apply your grass seed and fertisliser. How do you know when to do this? Once the soil temperature has started rising – that’s the time to apply your grass seed. And, how do you know when the soil temperature is rising? That’s easy – when you find you’re mowing your lawns more often than not – the soil temperature has increased.

If you live in the colder parts of the country, you should be finishing off your rose pruning around now. Hoe out winter weeds now before they get growing in spring, you’ll save yourself a lot of work.  Now’s the time to plant new brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage etc) for harvesting in summer and new season potatoes, yams and kumaras for enjoying at Christmas.

Grow lettucepeasbroad beanssilver beetbeetroot and new season rhubarb. But before you do, dig over the garden and add a good general fertiliser and a bit of mulch to give the soil a boost.

When the weather starts to warm up – hopefully at the end of the month – you can start to plant carrots and radish. Brighten up your flowerbeds by growing pansyviolastock and lobelia seedlings. Or try planting perennials like new season lavender, peony roses or hostas.

It’s also a good time to plant fruit trees.  Tidy up and put all your leaves and prunings into your compost bin. For our guide to creating compost click here.

And, lastly check for aphids on everything, but particularly new shoots on your roses.

If you spot aphids on your plants simply hose them off with a strong stream of water and spray the plant with Neem, an organic oil.


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  1. Hi there, I’d love to grow peas and pansies. Also it would be super to fill in the boundary gaps between me and my neighbors. Some recent bad weather affected some of the trees. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Belinda

  2. This weekend marks the beginning of my new vege beds and once they’re up and running, the crop I’m most looking forward to is rocket, believe it or not! No more plastic bags of baby greens from the supermarket 🙂

  3. I’d like to plant lettuces- they’re always much nicer fresh from the garden, and it avoids wilting in the fridge.

  4. I’d like to plant peas and beetroot, peas because they are great to eat fresh from garden and beetroot because you can never have too much.

  5. I’m hoping to plant some peas and carrots as a healthy and easy snack for the kids, and would love to plant an apple tree! Nothing beats food fresh out of your own garden!

  6. I am looking forward to my Maori potato harvest. Some people think they look a bit freaky when I serve them, but the flavour makes up for it! I am going to be busy planting a native border at our new property soon too, including something the local Tui’s will love!

  7. I’m hoping to grow carnations, sweet peas and snapdragons in the flower garden. Will try and convince my husband to grow some cut-and-come-again lettuce with the tender, sweet leaves.

  8. I would like to plant cauliflower to try out some recipes I have collected, like cauliflower rice, pizza base and vegetarian burgers. Actually I would like to plant lots of vegetables and herbs to have our own fresh supply at our doorstep. We have just put in a new garden so I am hoping to win a voucher to purchase some seeds and fruit trees. Thanks for the entry.

  9. I would like to plant a bit of everything….some herbs for cooking, vegetables for fresh food and flowers for something beautiful to look at.

  10. Looking at the rain coming down I am not bothered because I know that just around the corner is spring and I excited about preparing the soil for planting of my cucumbers, beetroot, lettuce, carrots etc.

  11. Looking at the rain coming down I am not bothered because I know that just around the corner is spring and I am excited about planting my cucumbers, beetroot, lettuce, carrots

  12. We have just spent hours digging and sifting, making a huge potager garden in place of our front lawn.
    We envision growing loads of beautiful veges and herbs and have started some seedlings but also edible flowers – love your beautiful varieties of Viola and carnations 🙂

  13. It’s the yearly potato planting time which I love. An annual event in our household. And even though you can buy them cheaper at Christmas nothing bets the taste of home grown potatoes

  14. I want to get my herb garden going. Love the fresh herbs in salads and cooking. I would also like to plant kawakawa tree for medicinal uses.

  15. Awapuni seedling are brilliant – I’m planning to plant some new herbs in my garden especially coriander, which I use 3 or 4 times a week. Coriander becomes expensive in the supermarkets when you use it regularly so having plenty of home-grown leaves would save me heaps!!

  16. Having just moved to a new house I would love to get some vege gardens growing, always much nicer when you’ve grown it yourself.

  17. Planning to get some seeds going for the Summer harvest including lettuce tomato and Zuchini. It is wonderful to be able to grow your own healthy organic food.

    Happy gardening.

  18. Great advice thank you. I’m planning to replant my rhubarb from pots to the garden so great to know its about the right time. Have just fully composted and mulched garden in house we’ve moved to so giving a couple of weeks for compost to break down.

  19. I’m interested in planting a climbing bean other than scarlet runners as they tend to do a runner and get too big and tough too quickly! I would still like a good height for the climbing beans as it provides a good boundary line screen.

  20. would like to plant rocket and lettuce for salads, I’d also like to plant lemon balm for making herbal teas (but not sure if Awapuni stocks this?)

  21. Leafy greens especially spinach, also potatoes, lettuce, cucumber, red peppers and corgettes are what I love to eat fresh from my garden.

  22. Having just moved from the Kapiti Coast with sandy soil, I have now got lovely soil in the Hutt valley for a garden; I would love to grow plenty of herbs and vegetables, especially beetroot and kale.

  23. I’d like to plant out broccoli, cauli, cavalo nero, lettuce, coriander, mint, and some good companion flowers for in between.

  24. There is nothing better than peas straight from the pod. Can’t wait to plant some! Also want to grow some Kumara this year as they have been so expensive in the shops I’ve missed them.

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