Wendyl’s Taniwha Blue Recipe

This is a recipe Wendyl tried a few years back. The original idea came from an old magazine from the 50s that had an advertisement for Taniwha Blue laundry soap – a product which whitens clothes without the need for bluing powder in the final rinse to whiten whites.

You’ll need to buy some Prussian Blue – which is what we use to make our Bluing Powder – and the other ingredients are Premium Oxygen Bleach, Soda Ash, Baking Soda and Green Goddess Unscented Liquid Castile Soap.

When tested on white sheets it really did make a difference. If you have the ingredients on hand you can have a go too and see what you think. We’d like to hear if it works better than our bluing powder, let us know, [email protected]

Wendyl’s Taniwha Blue

1 cup Soda Ash
1 cup Baking Soda
60mls Green Goddess Unscented Liquid Castile Soap
20 drops essential oil of your choice – or you can leave it out
4 tbs Oxygen Bleach
1/2 tsp Prussian Blue Pigment*

In your food processor put the baking soda, soda ash, oxygen bleach and Prussian Blue. Mix to combine the powders. With the processor running slowly pour the combined liquid soap and essential oils into the bowl until everything is combined and resembles a powder.

This is a concentrate so only use 1 Tbsp per average size load. Because this has a blue pigment in it please dissolve first in a cup of water and only add to your wash when the bowl is full and is going onto the next cycle, ie agitating not sitting still, otherwise you may get blue spots!!

Do not use this to soak your whites as you will get blue spots. The tub must be full and then agitate for the best results.

Hanging on the line in full sun always helps to keep whites white.

*Prussian Blue is a blue pigment available at art shops.


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  1. Hi Triona, this recipe differs from Wendyl’s bluing powder. Would you say it is more effective, ie. stronger? I ask as I’ve using the bluing powder, but alas there was no change. I was wondering if there is something I could add to my mix to boost it’s effectiveness? Thanks. Kat

    1. Hi, it’s a little stronger due to the oxy bleach and Castile, however because its going in the final rinse they won’t really make much of a difference. If your whites are not coming up whiter try soaking them in Natural-San over night, then wash as usual and add bluing powder to the final rinse and most importantly hang in the sun to activate the particles 🙂

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