Other Uses For Green Goddess Organic Dish Wash

We love receiving positive emails from our customers about our products, particularly when they’re about different applications, some of which we may not have thought of ourselves. Here are eight ways you can use Green Goddess Hemp & Eucalyptus Organic Dish Wash. Thanks for sharing your cleaning tips, Krissy.
I have found the eucalyptus dish wash has magical powers to clean things other than dishes.A bottle in the laundry is invaluable, I use it all the time. It’s my “go-to” product for getting grease marks out of clothing. That child that constantly spills food down the front of him has had his t-shirts resurrected with this cleaner.

*It cleans the splashback and around the cooktop removing any grease easily. It also cleans down the induction cooktop beautifully.
*From the gorgeous clean on the glass I then did the range hood which has a glass top on it. Any other cleaner I have used would drag across the glass and leave clumps of fatty residue and would need to be wiped many times to come up clean. This dish wash has one wipe and then a clean cloth wipe – so that is 2 wipes and it was finished – bloody marvellous!!
*Use it to clean the filter, the grime washes off instead of staying glued to the surface and  having to be put through in the dishwasher. Now done in 5 minutes!
*Wiping the windows at my kitchen sink that get splashed on is now a breeze, so easy to clean.
*I have also taken some to work – a butcher shop – and use it to wipe the work area walls and floors. The floors become quite slippery and this cleans them up beautifully.
*By sheer accident I found, after wiping the disgustingly filthy oven walls with the dishcloth, that the dish wash cleaned it and brought it back like new, it was miraculous to see.
So yes, I do love this product – it’s great for a multitude of cleaning jobs.
*Oh and one more, the one thing that bugs the heck out of me is my beautiful kitchen has a bright painted wall and I find it gets splashes on it once in a while, nothing seems to clean it off – until I tried this. A gentle rub a few times (these marks had been on there for a while) and it was no longer seen.  Krissy.
Krissy’s gorgeous sparkling clean kitchen.


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