Upcycle Your Pantyhose

If you’ve paid for a lovely pair of stockings or pantyhose and now they have a ladder running up the side, but don’t throw them away! They can be upcycled and put to good use for a huge variety of uses.

The weave is perfect for cleaning as they can easily be washed and used over and over (any ladders won’t make a difference).

Pantyhose make great pond skimmers, get a wire framed coat hanger, cut and twist into desired shape, pop your nylons over the top, tie to secure and get skimming..

Use a nylon toe to locate small objects on the floor, cover the nozzle on your vacuum and suck away. The suction will works it’s magic and your object wont get swallowed up.

Is your wrapping paper getting creased and starting to unroll, cut off a leg, insert the roll and tie off.

Roll the lot into a ball and use as a scourer for non-stick pans.

Pantyhose are brilliant at buffing shoes! Instead of a cleaning or chamois cloth polish by holding at each end and running back and forth along the shoe.

Polish up your stainless steel fridge, oven or bench top.

Cut up and use as replacement stuffing for toys and pillows.

Clean your taps by wrapping and around and pulling back and forth.

Cut off a leg, stuff with cut up old towels or t shirts and and use it as a draft snake under the door.

Put a piece of  stocking over your floor broom, it will pick up fluff and hair, very helpful if you have pets.

Use to hang up delicates and jumpers to dry by threading the legs through the sleeves.

Line your flower pots – the water can seep out but not the soil.

Store onions, garlic or bulbs in a leg and hang up.

Use as a cleaning cloth.

Pop some catnip in the toe, knot the nylon to keep it there, you now have a fun cat toy

Use them to tie plants to stakes in the garden, they won’t harm your plants.

If you need a rope, substitute a section of hose tied to another section or two.

Use as a soap holder for outside sinks/showers, cut up some bart soap and place into the toe and tie, then hang in a convenient spot.


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