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How To Up-Cycle Your Deodorant Tin

How wonderful is this? One of our customers, Anne Powell, made this lovely decorated tin out of her used Wendyl’s natural deodorant container.

Anne has given us her instructions on how to make this cute keepsake; the colours and embellishment are up to you. The possibilities are endless, especially now that we have stores like Look Sharp who sell a plethora of craft supplies.

This would be a fun project to do with the kids in the Easter Holidays. You could even hide a mini egg or two inside and give your tin an Easter theme with some bright coloured foil and a few tiny fluffy chickens.

Here’s how to up-cycle your deodorant tin

For the base: Cut a scalloped circle measuring 3.5 inches. This can be done with a craft die or punch, but can be achieved by measuring the circle and cutting out with pinking shear scissors or craft scissors with decorate blade. (These craft scissors are very reasonably priced).

You will need card stock and a decorative craft paper. Attach the decorative paper to the card stock using craft glue or double sided tape. Once this is done, use more double sided tape to attach to the base of your tin.

For the top: Cut a plain circle to fit the inside of the lid (this hides the label) Use the same paper as you have used on the base, and attach with double sided tape. Decorate the sides with ribbon, or Washi tape and then embellish as you would like.

Embellishments can be buttons, handmade flowers, bits of broken jewellery or you can buy embellishments on sheets in the craft isles of big stores such as The Warehouse, Look Sharp and other Dollar type emporium shops.

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