Two Ingredient Shower Cleaners

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how to get soap scum off shower doors. Wendyl’s Premium Double Strength White Vinegar is your friend here, along with — depending on how scummy your shower door is — a good non-scratch cleaning cloth.

Both of these recipes are very quick to make and only have two ingredients in each, they’ll help you tackle grubby showers and remove any slime that may be lingering in and around the grout. Both can be mixed up and put into a spray bottle for easy application.

Shower Door Cleaner

1 cup Wendyl’s Premium double strength white vinegar

1 cup water

Mix together in a spray bottle and spray all over your shower door. Leave as long as you can but at least 30 minutes. Then rub off with a non-scratch cleaning cloth or similar. You may need to do this several times if you have a bad case of scum.

We all get grime and slime in the corners of our showers or in the grout in our bathroom tiles. Here is a great cleaner to mix up and spray on that will make cleaning your grout that much easier.


Shower Grime and Grout Cleaner

50g Wendyl’s Premium Wendyl’s Premium borax

300ml Wendyl’s Premium double strength white vinegar

Put the vinegar and borax into a spray bottle and apply to trouble spots. Leave for 30 minutes then rub off. This spray will harden in the bottle over time so it’s best to use it all at once.

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    1. Hi Yunene, try using very hot water to dissolve the borax and stir really well (if you haven’t already tried this) Did you buy the borax from us as I’ve not had this problem when making it and using on the day.

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