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The Misconception Of Microfibre

Microfibre has been touted as a miracle fibre, used for everything from cleaning cloths and mops to socks, trousers and polar fleece. However it’s it’s not as miraculous as it first seems; microfibres are extruded from polyesters and polyamides which are made from petrochemicals making them a nonrenewable resource, they also do not biodegrade and are generally unable to be recycled.

Each super fine fibre is much finer than human hair, when making synthetic products such as cloths & sheets these super fine fibres are broken down again, into even finer strands which is not that great for our oceans and the creatures that live in them.  Every time you wash these fabrics tiny pieces of microfibre break off and flow into our water ways, unfortunately these tiny pieces are too small to be filtered out, much like micro beads, they are now being found inside marine life.

One microfiber cleaning cloth may be helpful to have around the house, but is it worth it? We keep old T Shirts and towels to cut up into rags, these can be safely washed and reused, we also keep old newspapers, they make the best window cleaners, especially when used with Wendyl’s Glass Cleaner, and they can be composted once you’re done.

For more information on what you can do to help stop this pollution take a look at this article and listen to the story below.

The Story of Microfibers

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