lady in a field of white flowers swaying her arms, sun setting in background


Exercises For A Peaceful Mind

This week lifestyle blogger Stella Green Thompson has shared exercises you can do mindfully to promote mental and physical health in a busy world. “Our daily lives are filled with stress and obligations and it can be difficult to feel at peace. As our lives become more hectic we often forget to blow off some steam, relax and devote time …


lisa walking away down stairs


Green Walkies With Lisa

The lovely Lisa from Lisa Said So has shared a fantastic new health concept with us this week in her guest blog. “Forget about drinking a daily green smoothie. Trade this habit in for a ‘Green Walkie’ instead. In my humble opinion, this will be much better for your health. By taking yourself off for a walk somewhere ‘green’, you’ll not …


person walking on a gravel track in converse shoes


Walk it Out

It was refreshing to find this post championing walking. Not just walking, but walking without the need for special pants, or futuristic shoes, or step-counting-heart-monitoring-sweat-analysing-wristbands. It was a lovely reminder that one of my favourite forms of exercise is accessible to us whenever and where ever we are.