no bake cranberry slice

No Bake Cranberry Slice

I’m a big fan of reducing waste throughout our house and that includes the fridge and pantry. The saying “waste not, want not” certainly applies here – my aim is to use everything I can and to throw as little as possible away. This often means creating something new out of something old or coming up with a recipe that …

straw alternatives. silver straws

Bamboo Drinking Straws

With billions of straws polluting shorelines around the world we’re very pleased to be stocking these re-usable, recyclable and renewable bamboo drinking straws.  You can purchase our Bamboo Drinking Straws in a six pack with a cleaning brush or this handy Eco Travel Pack that includes two straws and a brush.

coloured plastic straws

Hold the straw

Personally, I like drinking out of a straw, it just makes the drink more fun. But few of us realise that those straws are tremendous source of pollution; with the equivalent of 125 school buses being filled daily with trashed straws in the USA alone. So it’s probably a good idea to do away with the straw next time we …