How To Handle Waste At Home

Our guest blogger this week is Stella Holt, who has shared her fabulous piece on how to handle all types of household waste. Humans waste a lot, be it money, water, resources, or food. We throw away stuff without knowing how it is going to affect other beings and the planet we live on; we are even getting short of …


food fresh in the fridge


Keep Your Food Fresh This Summer

The lovely people at Love Food Haste Waste have put together a plethora of information on their website about how to reduce food waste, I highly recommend you check them out, there’s food saving tips, the latest products, recipes and heaps of very helpful advice on how to reduce your food waste. If you like the reusable, space saving, sliding …


no bake cranberry slice


No Bake Cranberry Slice

I’m a big fan of reducing waste throughout our house and that includes the fridge and pantry. The saying “waste not, want not” certainly applies here – my aim is to use everything I can and to throw as little as possible away. This often means creating something new out of something old or coming up with a recipe that …


straw alternatives. silver straws


Bamboo Drinking Straws

With billions of straws polluting shorelines around the world we’re very pleased to be stocking these re-usable, recyclable and renewable bamboo drinking straws.  You can purchase our Bamboo Drinking Straws in a six pack with a cleaning brush or this handy Eco Travel Pack that includes two straws and a brush.


coloured plastic straws


Hold the straw

Personally, I like drinking out of a straw, it just makes the drink more fun. But few of us realise that those straws are tremendous source of pollution; with the equivalent of 125 school buses being filled daily with trashed straws in the USA alone. So it’s probably a good idea to do away with the straw next time we …