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Plastic Free Living With Daisy

The lovely Daisy from Honeywrap is our guest blogger this week and has shared her top 6 essentials to live plastic-free. “Hi guys, I’m Daisy, Sustainability Champion at Honeywrap.I recently went on a trip to Indonesia and Thailand and I was absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of plastic on the beach and in the ocean. Plastic doesn’t ever biodegrade, it only breaks down into minuscule pieces and will be around for many, many years! When …


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Going Greener

From now on when you order, all your items will only be packed in corrugated cardboard and paper in an effort to reduce plastic waste. We’ll only use bubble wrap when packing larger glass items as they need extra care, and hopefully you can reuse the bubble wrap as we often find ourselves doing.  We are always looking for better alternatives and welcome any suggestions from you too.


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10 tips for living with less plastic

There was a story in the Australian Women’s Weekly about a family whose rubbish filled a small jar after a year which I found very inspiring. I’m still not plastic-free as it’s a huge challenge to prevent plastic packaging coming into the house and sometimes I forget my bags when I go to the supermarket.  So I found myself reading this article  and once again becoming determined to get rid of the plastic. I particularly …


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Hold the straw

Personally, I like drinking out of a straw, it just makes the drink more fun. But few of us realise that those straws are tremendous source of pollution; with the equivalent of 125 school buses being filled daily with trashed straws in the USA alone. So it’s probably a good idea to do away with the straw next time we order a drink in the bar or get a milkshake. I’m not sure how you …


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Wean yourself off bottled water

Are you still buying water in a bottle? Following on from the UK’s sugar tax, perhaps there should now be some bans placed on bottled water sales. Some cities in the US have already banned the sale of bottled water less than a litre, and in Montreal they are considering restrictions on where bottled water is sold. The reason is simple, plastic is ruining our environment and years ago people drank water from a tap, …