antique silver pieces laid out on newspaper

DIY Silver Cleaner

With Anzac Day coming up, perhaps it’s time to give the silver a good clean, even if you’re only bringing it out for family or looking at it shinning in your cabinet. Maybe you have some silver jewellery that needs a little sparkle put back in its life? Cleaning silver the natural way has never been easier and with only two …

hemp oil in a white bowl, cotton cloth, essential oil bottle

DIY Goo Be Gone

This recipe almost seems too good to be true! But it’s not, it actually works wonders on any sticky-gooey-gummy mess without any of the chemicals used in commercial products. I’m often removing labels from jars, tins, and bottles as I like to upcycle, but I’m often left with a sticky mess to get rid of. This homemade recipe does the …

DIY ideas. green tubing

Genius DIY projects

I love finding new ideas for using things around the home that we never thought of. Have a look at this article which repurposes things like a kid’s toy dinosaur as a toilet roll holder, makes a table out of an old suitcase and my favourite; making an outdoor mat out of an old garden hose. Brilliant!