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Health Benefits Of Essential Oils

  Health Benefits Of Essential Oils with Helen from Health Ambition Essential oils are aromatic liquids extracted from the seeds, roots, stems bark and leaves of plants. They are highly concentrated (for example, it takes 16 pounds of peppermint leaves to produce just an ounce of essential oil). These oils have seen a resurgence in popularity over the past few years, but they’ve been used for centuries. There’s a reason why essential oils have been …



Apple Cider Vinegar Really Does Work

The potential health benefits of drinking ACV have recently been investigated in a study for the program “Trust Me I’m A Doctor”. Volunteers drank two tablespoons of ACV in 200ml of water twice a day before meals, and the results were startling; a 13% reduction in total cholesterol and a large reduction in triglycerides.  Participants also reported a reduction in sugar cravings, improved Eczema, and reduced aches and pains associated with mild arthritis. The other test done …


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New Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil!

This week, we are soft launching 300ml bottles of Organic Hemp Seed Oil from The Hemp Farm who currently import an extremely high-quality oil from Canada while they wait to start production of their own oil from 200 hectares of hemp grown on their farm here in NZ. I love this versatile nutty tasting oil; it’s lovely in green smoothies or mixed into salad dressings instead of Olive Oil (it has 20 times more Omega …


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13 Fabulous Essential Oils

I thought I’d share this great infographic to go with this week’s special because many of the essential oils mentioned in it are used in our cleaning recipes as well as in the great health and body tips it mentions. click here to shop our range of essential oils


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10 Herbal Teas for Health

As you know, I’m caffeine free at the moment and spending a lot of time sampling different herbal teas, and making my own up north from peppermint, lemon balm and ginger – yum. I think it’s a good reminder to realise that herbal teas not only taste great, but they also have benefits to your health. I loved this article that explains them all. I think we all know about camomile to help us sleep, but …