smoke stack. CLIMATE EXODUS.



Here’s a less-than-uplifting story about the uprooting effects climate change is likely to have on millions of people throughout the Middle East and North Africa. I find it unbelievable that there are still politicians and even scientists who continue to deny that climate change is real problem, let alone one that has devastating effects on the whole planet as we’ve known it …


CO2 smoke coming out of a chimney against blue sky


Richest 10% Create Half of Global Carbon Emissions

As world leaders meet in Paris to work out how to address climate change Daniel found this interesting article  about some research by Oxfam which finds that the poorest half of the world emits just 10% of carbon emissions while the richest 10% produce half. Disputes over how to share responsibility for curbing greenhouse-gas emissions and aiding climate-vulnerable countries are among the …


Between Two Waves movie


A play about climate change!

Check out this climate change themed theatre show called Between Two Waves which opens next week at the Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre. Starring Emmett Skilton (Almighty Johnsons) and Shara Connolly (Go Girls) and featuring Wallace Chapman (Back Benches) and written by Australian playwright Ian Meadows. The code BETWEEN also gets ticket buyers a $5 discount off their tickets. For more info click here