STINK, The Movie The Chemical Industry Does Not Want You To See!

Stink is a heartfelt documentary about the chemical industry’s aggressive efforts to conceal the thousands of potentially toxic ingredients contained in everyday products. Jon Whelan the movie’s director and narrator smelt a horrible smell coming from his daughters’ new pajamas, the manufacturers of the pajamas refused to disclose what the offending substance was, this lead Jon on a journey to track down its source. During the process he discovered that any manufacturer could cram as …



Say NO to Roundup!!

For most of us making the decision to not use a potentially deadly weedkiller seems pretty straightforward, however, our councils in New Zealand are still spraying it all over our sidewalks, in our parks and at the top of your driveway where it connects to the street. Did you know that you can request to be added to the ‘no spray register’ to prevent this from happening? Do you want a cancer causing carcinogen sprayed near …


round up spray onto yellow flowers and lawn


Glyphosate update

Last year, I posted an article about the World Health Organisation calling the main ingredient (glyphosate) in the worlds favourite herbicide, Round Up, as probably carcinogenic to humans. Since then, a study has been carried out in the U.S. and has found that 93 percent of the people tested had traces of glyphosate in their urine, with children having the highest amount. Read about the study here