Summer Shimmer Spray

This all-natural bronzing mist is perfect to give your skin a shimmery summer glow (it’s not a tanning spray). It is soothing, refreshing, and delivers benefits to your skin while giving you a dewy, bronzed glow. This is an updated version that doesn’t contain alcohol.

The base is a combination of rose water for its ability to soothe and hydrate the skin, anti-inflammatory witch hazel, and sweet almond oil which helps to keep your skin cells healthy and protects from UV radiation while keeping skin smooth and soft.

To get the bronze shimmer you add coffee mica powder. Mica is a naturally produced rock-forming mineral that exhibits a two-dimensional layer structure which gives off a shimmery glow, making it a popular ingredient among organic and natural beauty brands as it’s a lot safer than chemically created colours.

Last year I shared a similar recipe that contained vodka, this is the updated version.

Summer Shimmer Spray

Small reusable glass spray bottle

1/3 cup of witch hazel

1/3 cup of rose water

2 tbs sweet almond oil

1 tbs coffee mica powder (more if you’d like more colour)

2 drops of ylang ylang essential oil

3 drops of frankincense essential oil

Put all of the ingredients into a small glass jar with a lid and shake well to combine. Pour into the glass spray bottle. If you have any left over that doesn’t fit into your spray bottle leave it in the jar with the lid firmly on and keep in the fridge to prolong it’s life.

To use, shake very well then spray over your body avoiding your face, don’t hold to close so that you have a shimmery mist.


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      Yes it will wash off in water, it’s a shimmery spray, not a tan, I would not spray it where clothes are going to go, it’s best on arms/legs when going out – that’s where I use mine. Has not stained any of my clothes.

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