Do This For Sparkling De-fogged Mirrors

Cleaning your bathroom mirrors is as simple as spraying with a solution of one part water to one part Wendyl’s Premium Double Strength White Vinegar or you can use our pre-made Wendyl’s Glass Cleaner that also contains essential oils for a sparkling, clean, finish.

If you don’t have premium white vinegar or natural glass cleaner but you do have soda water … try filling a spray bottle with it and use that on your mirrors, the minerals in it clean glass quite well.  Spray on and polish off with a scrunched up newspaper, nothing works nearly as well as this method.

Once your mirrors are clean, make sure they don’t fog up with the slightest bit of steam buy rubbing over with a few drops of Green Goddess Hemp & Coconut Castile Soap on a damp cloth and leaving to dry.


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