Silver Star Christmas Cakes

How gorgeous are these cakes! I had no idea until recently that my friend Emma (who’s a fantastic florist) is also a fabulous cake maker – these are her stunning yet simple silver star Christmas cakes.

Baking and decorating Christmas cakes is something that I’m not very good at (yet), but I’m sure most of you are great at it, here’s the instructions if you’d like to give this stunning design a try.

Silver Star Christmas Cake Decoration

Bake your cake and let it sit overnight on the board or plate that you intend to serve it on.

Cover the entire cake with a thin layer of strawberry preserve, on top of this put marzipan and ready roll icing (according to the instructions)

Use a star cutter to gently press into the center of the cake until you reach the marzipan. Carefully ease out the star shape (repurpose this however you like – making wee stars and placing them on top of chocolate muffins)

Sprinkle silver balls into the star crater and decorate with a ribbon. Will keep refrigerated for up to a week.

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