Are you up for the no shampoo challenge?

No-shampoo-challengeI received an email from reader Alisdair McIntosh who said :”Ages back, probably before Christmas 2012, you wrote that you or your husband, or both, were going shampoo free to cut down on the stupidity of shampooing all the oils out of the hair and then conditioning to put them back in. I have always had short hair and only did my hair about once a week anyway, so I decided to go without shampoo just to see how it worked. I didn’t bother noting the date because I thought I would only stick with it for a week or two.
Well, I still haven’t used any, so that is 22 months that I have not put anything on my hair, not even soap. I just stick my head under the shower and give my hair a quick scrub with my fingers. Probably every 3 or 4 months, I will put a little baking soda in my hair and rinse it out and a few times I have put some white vinegar on but that is it!!
My hair is no better or worse than it was when I was using shampoo and conditioner, it does not smell, get greasy or look bad and I am saving money as well as not putting all sorts of chemicals on my skin.
You may remember I made Paul stop using shampoo as an experiment in 2012 because at the time I still dyed my hair so couldn’t do it. He didn’t stick with it – in fact he said it was “just awful” but I’ve decided to have a go myself over the holidays as I now don’t dye my hair. So on December 25 – Christmas Day – I am going to stop washing my hair with shampoo and simply rinse it in water. I’ll be up north and only seeing friends and family so I’m sure I’ll get through the worst of it without too much bother. Since I wrote about this in 2012 there really seems have been a big movement of people trying it out. I like this blog best. Perhaps it will inspire you to give it a go with me come Christmas Day?


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  1. I went the No Shampoo way by accident about six months ago. I’d run out of shampoo and remembered an article about washing hair with honey so thought I’d give that a go. I have very short hair so only need about a teaspoon at a time, so I just wet my hair and rub in the honey, leave a minute or so then rinse out. My formerly thick, dry, wiry hair is so soft now. I only use the honey every 7-10 days and just “wet wash” it the others.

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      It’s okay as long as you rinse out with water I’m told. It’s all about the microbes on your scalp so I doubt salt water would hurt them too much.

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