Seven Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea

Our guest blogger this week Tim Shanley – tea aficionado – shares his knowledge on antioxidant packed matcha.

Move over green tea. Matcha may be the new super drink to keep in your cupboards. Japan and China have enjoyed this nutrient packed beverage for hundreds of years.

Matcha tea is made from matcha powder which is made from specially grown green tea leaves. This vibrant powder is very strong so a little goes a long way.

Take a look at the seven key health benefits you may not have known about Matcha.

Rich in Antioxidants

First, Matcha is rich in catechins. So much so that it may contain over a hundred times more catechins than other types of green tea.

Boosts Cognitive Function

Next, Matcha is good for brain health. Several studies indicate that it contains components that may boost memory, attention, and reaction time.

Safeguards Your Liver

In addition, Matcha works overtime to protect your body. Some studies show that it may help decrease the risk of liver disease and prevent liver damage.

Cardiovascular Protection

This green powder can also provide heart protection. Much like green tea, Matcha contains components that may reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Lowers Cancer Risk

Preliminary studies hint that Matcha may also help inhibit growth in cancer cells. More studies are needed, but initial data looks promising.

Helps Weight Loss

Like green tea, Matcha can help burn fat and boost your metabolism. Additionally, it may also help you maintain your weight once you get to your goal.

Better Dental Health

Lastly, keep your pearly whites in good shape with a cup of Matcha tea. Studies show that drinking Matcha can help boost dental health.

The bottom Line About Matcha

Matcha is easy to prepare. And you can prepare it to taste. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may also add it to other drinks and desserts.

Now that you know why we need Matcha tea, it may be time to head to the store. You can find Matcha powder at specialty stores or your local Japanese store. Don’t forget the bamboo whisk!



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