Rid Ants With Borax

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I’ve shared this information before, but have updated it after receiving information from the Taranaki Bee Keepers Club about the importance of keeping borax away from bees.

When using this solution please put it inside your home not outside where bees can take it back to the hive.

DID YOU KNOW … That most types of ants eat sugar when they’re active, and protein when they’re less active!

To get rid of them, this simple, natural solution works a treat without the harsh chemicals of conventional ant killer.

Mix to a ratio of 20:80 borax to honey, and put into a small flat lid, leave the lid inside your house in the path of ants (out of reach of pets and children) and in about 24 hours they should be gone.

This method is not to be used outside where bees have access as they will be attracted to the honey and thus bring it back to the hive which could devastate the colony.  Please be especially careful in late summer/autumn when the natural food supply has dwindled. Thanks to the Taranaki Bee Keepers Club for this very important information.

The honey and borax method worked very well for me, however if the honey doesn’t work, you can try using smooth peanut butter and borax in the same ratio, add a little water so it mixes into a paste – this should get rid of any protein hungry ants.

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