reused shoes for you team cleaning shoes in the classroom

Reused Shoes For You

reused shoes for you team cleaning shoes in the classroom

Birkenhead College Students Thomas Hassell, William Hawkins, Murray Gannaway and Konna Lundon have created a charity to help children put pair of shoes on their feet this winter!

For Business Studies this year they were given the task to put a product on the market for three months, as a part of the Young Enterprise Group.

However, they also had an option to create a Charity …. which is exactly what they did. And just like that Reused Shoes For You was created.

We were so inspired by their ideas and hard work. In support of what they are setting out to achieve we are very proud to provide them with some cleaning products to help them reach their goals, whilst keeping in line with their own values regarding environmental sustainability.

“Our idea is to take in old or unwanted shoes, refurbish them and then donate each pair of shoes to the local lower decile schools, such as Birkdale, Beach Haven and Birkdale North. This idea was inspired when I was walking to school last year in the winter, where I saw multiple kids walking to school without shoes. That bothered me significantly, which is why me and my group want to start this business.

These lower decile schools will benefit from our social enterprise and we hope by the end of our business project we no longer see these kids rocking up to school without protection on their feet. Brand new shoes are not a realistic option for all families, so we want to do our part to support all families in need this winter.”

The team have been inundated with shoes from the generosity of locals in support of their project. They have created a Give A Little page to help raise additional funds to be spent on cleaning items, refurbishing of old shoes and the purchase of some brand new shoes.

They will advertise their second collection of shoes via Facebook, so please click “Like” to follow them and ensure that any shoes you have can be donated in time.

If you have shoes that you would like to donate a drop box is located in the Birkenhead college reception. Or you can private message the boys on Facebook for other drop off locations in Beach Haven and Greenhithe.

We are also happy to receive shoes, drop them off to:

Green Goddess Eco Shop and Refill Hub, 3/3 Workspace Drive, Hobsonville. For more address information and hours click here.

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