finger pointing at rust spot on the carpet

How To Remove Rust From Carpet


This is a very handy tip sent in by one of our readers. We’ve had a spot of rust on our carpet since we moved in and I couldn’t wait to try this method of rust removal as nothing else I’ve tried worked. Our carpets are rather old and seem to have some sort of protectant on them which does help to repel most stains.

I haven’t tried this technique on 100% wool based carpet or garage carpet which is usually made out of closed-cell synthetic fibre but it should work just as well. You’ll need an ultraviolet light to activate the ingredients if your rust spot is not in an area with full sun, most hardware stores sell them or you can get one on TradeMe.

How To Remove Rust From Carpet

You’ll need enough table salt and freshly squeezed lemon to fully cover the stain. If the rust spot is not in direct sunlight you’ll also need an ultraviolet light, depending on the size of your stain a strong UV flashlight will do, you can usually find this type of flashlight at your local $2 shop.

Here’s what you need to do 

– wait for a sunny day if your rust spot is in the sun
–  then cover the stain with  a good amount of salt so that there’s a mound
– carefully squeeze your lemon on the salt, you’ll need just enough to moisten the salt but not too much as you don’t want the salt mound to collapse
–  next get out of the way and let the sunshine on it for about an hour, check and see if it needs more. If you’re using a UV light the time may be shorter depending on how had your stain is and how long it’s been there.

– if your stain is still there add a little Wendyl’s White Premium Vinegar and leave for another half an hour, checking as you go

– Once the stain has dissolved vacuum up the salt and blot with water and leave to dry

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