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Recipe: Pea, Pear and Green Bean Puree

This kid friendly recipe is from Kylie at Kai Carriers. It’s perfect for putting straight into your Kai Carrier pouch so your little one can easily eat a nutritious homemade meal where ever you may be, and you won’t be creating any waste as Kai Carriers are all reusable and dishwasher safe.

You can also change it up a bit for the adults in the family by adding a couple of mint sprigs, some cannellini beans, a touch of garlic and some light seasoning, serve alongside whole grilled mushrooms and buffalo cauliflower bites for a tasty, nourishing, satisfying lunch.


2 cups green beans, chopped

1 ripe pear or lightly steamed

½ cup peas


Steam green beans and peas until tender.  Save the steaming water.

Puree all ingredients using your blender.  Use the reserved vegetable water to achieve the desired consistency for your puree.

Fill your pouches and serve. Or freeze to serve later.

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  1. I love the idea of this recipe and it works well. Just know not to add more pear than is stated in the recipe/receipt( taste and consistency), and flavour it as you like; personally, I added salt, pepper, and soy sauce + a little cayenne or paprika. Play with this lovely recipe. Thank you.

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