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Recipe – Laundry Clay (or powder)


You can get all the ingredients for this recipe on our Wendyl’s Green Goddess website 

Laundry Clay/Powder

1 cup washing soda or Wendyl’s Premium Soda Ash

1 cup Wendyl’s Premium baking soda

60ml liquid castile soap

2ml lavender essential oil (or your favourite)

If you use soda ash in this recipe you will get a powder. If you use washing soda it will be more like a clay. Both work just as well.

Put the washing soda in a food processor and reduce the lumpy crystals as much as you can. Slowly drizzle in the liquid castile soap while the processor is still running to create a white frothy paste. Then add the Wendyl’s Premium baking soda and the lavender oil and continue to process until you have something resembling white clay. Keep it in an airtight container and use a tablespoon for an average load, double if you are washing a big load.

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