Zen Stone – HOPE


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Zen –  “a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind”.

The Hope Zen Stone – is a powerful tool to help facilitate a zen state!

Help keep yourself and those around you balanced and fully protected from all the zen-destroying influences of this world – namely EMFgeopathic stress, and other people’s bad hair days! They are also great tools for meditation and keeping your energies and frequencies high.

This beautiful design is cast in pewter and filled with our trademark technology that makes them hum with energy as they go about energetically cleaning your space (no need for smudging unless you really want to). The field they produce around them is what protects against EMF / geopathic stress.

Put the Zen Stones in your own energy field to clean and balance your chakra / energetic system and boost your personal energy.

Zen Stone – HOPE – Complete personal energy balancing and EMF protection within its large 14 meters (15 yard) protective field. Small enough to carry everywhere. An ideal gift that comes with an inspirational card and in a velvet pouch.

Powerful, versatile, reliable. These Zen stones pack a powerful punch against electromagnetic pollution and all unbalanced energy.

Has the added power of embedded scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies.