Soulistic Aromatherapy Soy Candles

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Soulistic aromatherapy candles are a natural way to add scented style to your space. Stacey uses only 100% natural, botanical essential oils in the creation of her unique, artisan blended aromas. No synthetic scents, phthalates, or artificial chemicals of any kind are used to create these aromatherapy candles. This makes them suitable for discerning individuals who prefer an entirely ecological, sustainable scent. The wonderful pure essential oil scents offer healing, calming, and uplifting benefits to set whatever mood you want.

Hand-crafted entirely in-house in Soulistic’s studio in Puhoi, the production process is hands-on from start-to- finish. Each pitcher of soy wax and essential oils is measured and mixed by hand in small batches, allowed to cool and then poured into the beautiful vessels for curing.

(Burn time of approx 40 hours)

Available in:

Arabian Nights

French Lavender

Lemon Lime


Powerful & Spirited


Rose Geranium