SALUD Super Colloidal Silver Liquid 520 ml

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Colloidal Silver is a naturally occurring trace mineral consisting of electrically charged particles (ions) of silver, suspended in ultra-purified water. The silver particles are extremely small-usually ranging from 0.01 to 0.001 microns in diameter. Salud Super Silver is a ultra-pure pharmaceutical-grade solution of ten parts per million enhanced with Oxygen to strongly potentise it for dealing with stubborn and /or chronic conditions. 

It disables the enzymes that all one-celled bacteria; fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. Taken daily it helps to strengthen the immune system.

Salud Super Silver has a slight metallic taste and can be diluted in water or juice. It can be taken orally for conditions such as parasites, Candida, Herpes, Chronic Fatigue, Staph and Strep conditions, Shingles and over 600 viral and bacterial diseases. It has been successfully used in septic conditions of the mouth including pyorrhoea and tonsillitis. 

Applied to the skin, it can help acne, warts, open sores and Athlete’s Foot. Super Silver is a rapid tissue healer for any form of tissue damage (burns, wounds, sores, etc). It can be used vaginally, anally, and atomised into the nose. 

No known side effects have been recorded from the use of properly manufactured colloidal silver. Additionally, there has never been a reported case of a drug interaction so it’s safe to take with other medications. Its non-toxic qualities also make it safe for pregnant and lactating women and it’s a safe and effective treatment for dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

SALUD Super Silver Liquid is potentised with food-grade H2O2 to enhance the action and properties of colloidal silver through the presence of Oxygen. Not to be atomised into the lungs or put directly into the eye, this is a super potent form of colloidal silver.