Premium Baking Soda


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(sodium bicarbonate)

Baking Soda is a naturally occurring food grade salt with alkaline properties. Unlike many commercial brands Green Goddess Premium Natural Baking Soda is naturally mined in Colorado and contains no aluminium, whereas many commercial brands are produced using a chemical process that creates waste and pollutants, we do not recommend using chemically created baking soda when cooking, taking as a tonic in water or when making natural deodorant.

This is an incredibly versatile ingredient which is used in many of our products.

Some uses for Green Goddess Premium Natural Baking Soda around the home;
• dissolve 1 tsp in water to alkalise your body or to relieve heartburn
• add ¼ cup to a sink full of water to remove chemicals when washing fruits and vegetables then rinse with clean water
• when soaking beans add 1 tsp to prevent gassy issue and improve digestion
• sprinkle on surfaces and rub with a damp cloth to clean
• sprinkle in ovens, dampen with water and leave overnight
• deodorise carpets, chopping boards, rubbish bins, carpets and fridges
• keep cut flowers fresher for longer by adding 1 tsp vase water
• pat underarms as a deodorant
• use as a fabric softener by adding 1 c to washing machine during the final rinse
• Green Goddess Premium Natural Baking Soda for making our natural cleaners.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not inhale. Store out of sunlight.