Natural Sheet Whitening Kit

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Natural Sheet Whitening Kit will maintain your the whiteness of your sheets.  Soak your sheets overnight then add bluing powder to the final rinse.

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Our Natural Sheet Whitening Kit will give your sheets back that crisp bright whiteness.  Soak your sheets overnight then add bluing powder to the final rinse.

Kit includes;

1kg Oxy-Bleach

500g Bluing Powder

Mix the oxygen bleach 1/3 cup with 2/3 cup Wendyl’s Premium Soda Ash (you can also use Wendyl’s Premium Baking Soda but it won’t be as effective) for a general laundry soaking, or throw 1-2 tbsp in a 9L bucket and add water for fast and powerful bleaching power.

Soak your sheets overnight (or leave them for 48 hours), then wash and add the bluing powder in the final rinse.

Use 1 tsp of bluing powder for a single sheet set, 2 tsp for double, queen or king. If sheets are really grey add 3 tsp.

Do be sure that the bowl is full before adding bluing powder so that you don’t get blue splotches, and if you have a front loader dissolve the powder in a cup of water before adding. It will not turn blue as this is an optic whitener.

If you don’t know when the final rinse starts on your machine starts you’ll need to time it. Once you know how long it takes you can use an oven or phone timer so you know when to put the bluing powder in.

Handmade in NZ.  Family owned and operated.  100% natural.