Natural Laundry Liquid Unscented


Natural Laundry Liquid Unscented – no nasty chemicals left in your clothes, cleans beautifully, great for babies and people with skin allergies.


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Natural Laundry Liquid Unscented is just so wonderful on delicates, woollens and the like.  Our Unscented version is made to the same recipe as our ever popular lavender laundry liquid but without any essential oils added. Super gentle on your skin, clothes and the environment.

Made from nothing but pure NZ filtered water, palm free coconut Castile soap, soda ash, and borax . *A natural separation may occur, simply shake well before use*

  • perfect for woollens and merinos, wash on gentle
  • no nasty chemicals left in your clothes
  • cleans beautifully
  • great for people with skin allergies
  • works in cold water and front loaders
  • no powder residue on black clothes
  • safe for delicates
  • particularly good for children with allergies
  • use half a cup per average load.

100% Natural.  Hand-made in New Zealand.  Family owned and operated.