Home Change Over Kit

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Home change over kit – To make changing from harsh chemicals to natural chemical based cleaners, we have created a kit that enables you to swap your house over with ease.

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To make changing from harsh chemicals to natural cleaners easier we have created a kit that enables you to swap your house over in one go. From the toilet to the laundry, glass to general cleaning you are covered by the range of products included in the home change over kit.


Normal retail value for the products in this kit is $135.50, you get the lot for $119.95 and its freight free

The products included are:

Glass Cleaner – Natural glass cleaner, for sparkling clean windows

Spray cleaner – Natural spray cleaner for surfaces, spray and wipe clean. Choose from Citrus or Rose

Cleaning paste – Brilliant for tough cleaning, use on tiles, baths, sinks etc. Choose from Peppermint or Rose

Mould Magic – Stops mould spores from growing, use around window frames, on ceilings/walls etc

Lemon Dish Wash Powder – Totally natural dish wash, septic and grey water safe. For machines only

Loo Ease – Seals in smells in the toilet

Laundry Powder 1kg –  Our most popular product. Tough on germs but gentle on clothes. Only need 1Tbsp needed per average load. Choose from Rose, Patchouli, Citrus, Lavender or Unscented for super sensitive skin.

Laundry Liquid – Wonderful for wool and delicates, great for regular wash too – Citrus, Lavender or Unscented

Peppermint Toilet Cleaner Powder – Cleans and deodorises your toilet beautifully, another best selling product.

Natural-San Oxygen Soaker – Brightens and whitens, removes stains, safe for colours.

**Please pop in the notes section your choice of scents and if you would like home compostable bags instead of pottles for the powdered products – otherwise the kit will be supplied as per the picture**

There are only 10 ingredients used across the whole range of products. They are:

Premium Baking Soda which is mined, not man-made

Premium Borax (lemon dish powder and laundry liquid only)

Green Goddess Hemp & Coconut Unscented Castile Soap (palm oil free)

Citric Acid (lemon dish powder only)

Cream of Tartar (cleaning pastes only)

Essential Oils

Filtered water

Premium Soda Ash

Premium Oxy-Bleach

Double Strength White Vinegar