Hemp Reusable Shopping Bag – 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton


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Say No To Plastic Bags and Yes To Our Enviroment

Make the switch to Hemp Reusable Shopping Bags

By choosing reusable instead of plastic you are investing in the future. At Hemp Farm, they care about the future! So we are now offering their wonderful handy little hemp bags (55% hemp & 45% cotton) that can be folded into a pouch for easy storage.

Hemp is a naturally strong, breathable, and durable fibre. Hemp is fast becoming an ideally low environmental impact fabric for the future. Hemp bags are rot resistant, can be machine washed and have a texture like linen.

Bags measurement is 36cm x 36cm body and 20cm handle – great capacity and so strong too!

Free from harmful synthetic chemicals. The Hemp Farm grows and processes hemp right here in New Zealand.

Made in China from Hemp and organic cotton