Crystal Taonga Necklace – by Luke



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Crystal Taonga Necklace – by Luke

“Kia Ora, each of these crystals are paddled out in my Outrigger canoe into the ocean where they are cleansed on an outgoing tide. They are then blessed and filled with Chi, Love & Light through meditation and  intention to bring about healing and protection for the owner of each precious Taonga.

Each crystal has its own energy and can help us with our own energetic field bringing about calmness or love or helping you stay grounded which are just a few examples of the many benefits. They are also very good for protection, from negative energy and psychic attack, so you do not feel drained from those around you. Because crystals hold energy it is important they are cleansed regularly and charged.”  – Luke

Luke has been on a pretty incredible journey finding his life purpose with the guidance of awesome coach and spiritual teacher Bert McCarthy who’s mentoring has helped unlock enormous hidden potential. Now at only 24 years old he has transformed his life, has given up alcohol and a party lifestyle and has dedicated himself to helping others also on their journey to a higher self and a more rewarding life. Luke works with each crystal before giving them to us where they’re kept in our sacred meditation space until they are sent out to you …..

Below are five options of crystal – each with it’s own energetic properties as explained below:

(Please note that other crystals are available upon request)

Clear Quartz
-Known as “Master Healer”
-Balances Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Planes
-Amplifies thought and energy
-Enhances Psychic Abilities
-Crown Chakra Stone
-Enhances effect of other crystals
-Clears out negative thoughts to bring about clarity
-Helps with manifestation

-Enhances Psychic Abilities
-Helps with Positive transformation
-Stress Relief
-Protection from Negative energy and Psychic attack
-Connected to Third Eye and Crown Chakra
-Activates Spiritual Awareness
-Good for Meditation
-Helps with insomnia and to remember dreams

Blue Howlite
-Calming and soothing stone
-Relieve tension, stress and anxiety
-Help to remember and understand dreams
-Helps to keep a still mind
-Helps Children with confidence
-Improves stamina
-Place in bed before sleep to help with insomnia

Rose Quartz 
-Known as Love Stone
-Heart Chakra
-Unconditional Love. Self Love, Passionate Love and Family Love.
-Brings about Empathy
-Heals a broken heart
-Promotes Self-Esteem
-Eases guilt and balances Emotions

Tigers Eye
-Known as the all-seeing stone by the Egyptians
-Develops Integrity
-Removes doubt allowing confidence to flourish
-Promotes positive attitude
-Encourages us to achieve our goals
-Releases Fear and Anxiety