Premium Ingredients

Natural ingredients are the only way that you can stop your family being exposed to nasty man-made chemicals.

Our Premium Ingredients range, when coupled with essential oils and castile soaps, forms the base of most of the products we produce. Following is a brief explanation of each product, how they are formed, and some of their uses. We now stock premium baking soda, borax, soda ash, oxygen bleach, double strength white vinegar, various essential oils and castile soaps.

Baking soda
This is a slightly alkaline mineral made from soda ash. You can buy 1kg here.

This is an alkaline mineral which is a very effective antibacterial, fungicidal cleaning and bleaching agent. It is widely regarded as being better for the environment than bleach. But it can be toxic in high doses and needs to be kept away from children and animals, so ensure it stored and used safely. It is valuable as an emulsifier in these recipes, as a stain remover and deodoriser, and in the old days it was used to keep pests away.  You can buy 1kg here.

Castile soap
We use Dr Bronner’s Castile soap, both liquid and cake, because it is organic and Fair Trade and contains only natural, vegetable-derived ingredients. It also smells amazing. You can buy Dr Bronner’s soaps here.

Essential oils
These are natural plant essences that have been extracted into oil. Unlike the synthetic perfumes added to commercial cleaners, natural essential oils not only add an amazing smell but have powerful aromatherapy properties as well as being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Never use them undiluted, and pregnant women should seek advice before using them. When buying, check that they are labelled 100 per cent pure and natural, and that they haven’t been mixed with a base oil. You will often find rose oil is blended simply because no one could afford 100 per cent pure.  For cleaning use tea-tree, eucalyptus and lavender, which are all relatively inexpensive. You can buy essential oils here.

Soda Ash
This product is the base of our laundry range and essential for making laundry powder. You can buy 1kg here.

White vinegar
This is very acidic and very historic, dating back to Babylon in 5000 BC, when it was used to disinfect and clean, as it still is by people today. You can buy double strength white vinegar here.