Potato Harvesting

How good do these potatoes look and how awesome is this pitchfork? Tess from The Crafty Gatherer has a very inventive tip for potato storage that was mentioned on their Facebook page. They also sell the best gardening products (I love the insect hotel).

“Harvested one row of thee old ‘taties’ –  Staggered the plantings so waiting for the other row to die off still. Such a good feeling to grow a decent amount of potatoes for the year.

Will leave these to harden off in the sun today and then wipe the dirt off and store all the ‘perfect’ ones, then we eat the not so perfect now.  Yum 😋 or oichee in Japanese (learning from the woofer)

Last year we stored them in old filing cabinet with newspaper in between each layer (thanks @goodlife_permaculture)

When leaving potatoes to harden you don’t want to leave them in the sun too long as they go green from to much light exposure.

To harvest your potatoes gently drive your fork into the soil at the outside edges of the plant then lift the plant and remove the potatoes. The Crafty Gatherer sells a range of beautiful (yes really) pitchforks that make harvesting potatoes and turning the soil a breeze. Check out the full range here.


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