Pick Free Fruit!

This is an interesting idea that I heard about through www.neighbourly.co.nz. If you have a tree laden with fruit or nuts, or an abundance of vegetables or herbs, you can share the location on the New Zealand Fruit and Food Share Map.

Once you have listed what’s available, when it’s in season, and approximately where the tree or garden is located, you can also request that people phone or email you to get permission before coming onto your property, though many trees are near the street and mean that people can help themselves easily.

The map works in a similar way to Google Maps except there are coloured markers that represent what type of produce is available at what location. It also points out where community gardens are located and safe spots for harvesting seafood.

If you want to list your own shared food, maybe a lemon tree that’s fit to burst, be sure to leave the following information:
– Address
– Type of fruit or vegetable
– When they are in season
– Instructions for finding the tree/Plant easiest
– If people need your permission to come onto your property how and where they can best get said permission e.g. email, phone call …

Check out how fruity your suburb is by clicking here.


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