What to do with all those old Agee / Mason jars

I recently lucked out and found 10 lovely old Agee jars (Mason Jars in America) at an op shop. They are the ones that take the gold lids and are really, really solid. I love storing pantry essential in them, they are great as vases, and always look great with preserves.
I have quite a large collection of Agee jars but I figure you can never have enough. There’s always something you can use them for.
Then I found this great article about things you can do with Mason jars which are the American equivalent of Agee jars.
I really like the cocktail shaker, the toothbrush holder and the sewing jar. And now I have every excuse to keep buying old Agee jars when I see them!

*Photo by Terra Evans on Unsplash

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    1. Hi Sandy,

      Do you still have these jars by any chance? I’m looking for some as I don’t want to use plastic and I bulk cook but can be so expensive to buy glass and metal containers – figured I could just use agee jars.


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