We’ve been working on our deodorant recipe over the summer as we have challenges with product consistency during hotter months. Unfortunately, the beeswax tends to clump with the baking soda when the heat hits. While there is absolutely no issue with the effectiveness, the user experience is compromised.

After much deliberation, we have decided to opt for candelilla wax as a base for all our deodorants. We’ve been using candelilla wax in our Green Goddess deodorants for the last three years with great success, so we feel confident in making the switch.

Candelilla wax is hands down a better wax to use in our recipes than beeswax. It’s hypoallergenic and has a higher melting point and better stiffening quality so less is required. It’s also vegan-friendly.

Our new formula maintains a much creamier consistency in all temperatures.

This week (20/2/19) we have Citrus, Rose and Lavender available. Patchouli and Unscented will be ready early next week.


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  1. Hi there, in your small-batch deodorant recipe how much candelilla wax will I need instead of the 4g beeswax? Many thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi, with winter coming up you can leave it out 🙂 Not sure how much candelilla for a small batch as we haven’t tried that yet.

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