Natural Hair Rinses To Suit Your Hair

Putting a rinse through your hair after shampooing was something everyone used to do before the onslaught of shampoos and conditioners that we know today. One of the most popular rinses and one that we’ve all heard a lot about is apple cider vinegar. It’s great for detangling, adding shine, and clarifying the scalp. But have you heard of using malt vinegar and lemon juice?

Lemon juice is great for blonde hair as it brings out natural highlights, and its astringent qualities help to reduce pore size (which means less oil on your scalp, so less greasy hair). The natural acids in the lemon help to prevent dandruff.

Malt vinegar brings a depth of colour and a lovely shine to brunette hair, and it will also help with dandruff. Don’t worry the smell goes away once your hair is dry.

Henna is heaven for redheads, you’ll want to use a 100% organic henna for the best results, if you’re hair feels a little gritty afterwards you probably didn’t get all the henna out, re-rinse well and let dry again.

To rinse your hair put the plug in your hand basin and lean over the basin. Pour the rinse through the hair and scoop up any that has drained into the basin and reapply.

Here’s a guide to suitable natural rinses depending on the colour of your hair:

Blondes — The juice of a lemon in 600ml of water. Put on your hair and massage through, leave for 3 minutes then wash out with cool water.

Brunettes — 2 tbsp of malt vinegar in 600ml water.  Distribute evenly throughout your hair, leave on for 3 minutes then wash out with cool water.

Redheads — 1 tbsp henna powder mixed in 600ml of hot water, leave to cool until warm, pour over your hair, rub well through to the ends then wash off very well with warm water. This will keep your hair looking bright. If you’re concerned about the colour do a patch test first.


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