Natural Cold Prevention For Babies

The common cold can last from five to seven days in adults, but in babies with developing immune systems colds can last for up to ten days and if not treated effectively can turn into a bacterial infection. If you are getting up to the ten day mark a trip to your family doctor for treatment may be necessary.

Of course most of us would prefer not to visit the doctor for a common cold; this article from Jenny McDee looks at a few simple cold prevention methods for your little one – and you.

Healthy Environment

Be very aware of anyone that has a cold and avoid them whenever possible, colds are a virus and winter weather makes it easier for them to spread as people tend to stay inside more where it’s warm, contact and transferral of the virus becomes easier. There are also many different strains of cold virus, just because your baby has had one and developed immunity to that strain does not mean they won’t pick up another strain.

Choose natural baby products like these.

Development in immunity can be hindered by environmental factors. Things like mold and dander can cause adverse allergic reaction, which can weaken the immune system and make your baby more susceptible to colds and viruses. The advent of blue light and HEPA technology in air filters offers a great means of improving the indoor air quality of your home by removing these irritants. Babies can benefit tremendously from air purification, and there are tons of options for air purifiers for every budget.

A second means of reducing allergens in your home is one you’re probably already doing: keeping things clean. You don’t have to keep your baby’s environment hospital-grade sterile, but sweeping, mopping, and dusting in particular will aid your efforts in improving your air quality. Consider investing in a HEPA filter vacuum, and always use dusters that trap dirt instead of stir it up into the air.

Always air your house and don’t use toxic commercial chemical based cleaners in your home, choose a natural alternative.

Whenever possible but linen, pillows and mattresses out in the sun to air, making sure they are totally dry before remaking babies bed.

white washing on a a outdoor clothes line

Support Their Growth

Another huge benefit to baby’s immune system is proper nutrition for their growth and development: fruits, veggies, healthy protein, and lots of pure water. If you’re still breastfeeding, this means making sure that you, yourself, are getting all necessary vitamins and nutrients to support your baby. Hemp Farm organic hulled hemp hearts are an excellent option for you and babies over seven months old, they’re a quick and easy snack that offers you a complete protein profile with all essential amino acids.

You can also get many of the same benefits from organic hemp seed oil, which is super easy to incorporate into pureed vegetables and baby safe smoothies. A healthy diet is a vital means of supporting your whole family’s immunity and health. Plus setting up your kids with a healthy diet early on is crucial for a healthy adulthood as well.

Check out this article on how to include hemp hearts into your child’s diet.

The Golden Rule

When it comes to protecting your family’s health, this is perhaps the simplest, yet most beneficial, tactic: washing your hands. Indeed, it’s a golden rule for a reason. This doesn’t just apply specifically to your hands, either. Make sure everyone in your family practices good hand-washing hygiene. Suds up hands with a natural soap that’s still effective against germs, like the Green Goddess Rose Foaming Soap. Using warm (not cold or hot) water, continue rubbing hands together for a full 60 seconds, then rinse clean.

For times when you don’t have access to water for a good hand wash, you can opt for a natural hand sanitiser, especially before having snacks while out and about.

As your baby grows, so too will their immunity to viruses and colds. Until then, keep them, and their environment, clean and support their healthy growth through physical and mental nourishment. And don’t forget to stock up on tissues and hand soap, for when someone just can’t escape that common cold.


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