Mould Removal DIY

Wendyl's glass cleaner sitting on a timber shelf in front of a window
This is the time of year when we start to get into the damp weather and can find that our curtains, window ledges and bathrooms are starting to show traces of mould and mildew.  Store bought removers aren’t great for your lungs or the environment so keeping it simple and turning to natural solutions that get rid of mould and keep your home fresh and safe from pollutants are the best option.

  • If you have mould that’s dry the first way to remove it is to brush it off.  Get a really stiff brush from your hardware store and ensure the mildew is dry and brush briskly, once you’ve removed as much as you can make up a solution of 3ml Clove Essential Oil and 1 Litre filtered water in a spray bottle, shake well and spray over any mould that’s left, leave for a day and then wipe off.  Once thoroughly clean, spray well with Mould Magic and leave to dry, this will protect the area for up to a month depending on how damp it is. Clean the glass with our Glass Cleaner.
  • For mildew on curtains, carefully take them down and soak in a bucket of warm water in which you have dissolved 1kg of salt (not iodised). Soak overnight and then hang on the clothes line in the sun so that the creases fall out (do not rinse). The salt will dry and crystallise then brush off and the mould will come with it. Check for colourfastness of  your curtain fabric and do a spot test if you are unsure. I’ve used this method on net curtains with great success. Before you re hang the curtains spray lightly with Mould Magic.
  • To keep your bathroom shiny and mould free first clean with Wendyl’s Rose or Peppermint Cleaning Paste using a good deal of elbow grease, this is particularly good for baths, sinks and shower floors, use an old toothbrush dipped in the paste on small tricky areas, around seals etc, rinse well. Wait until all areas are dry then spray problem spots with Wendyl’s Mould Magic and leave to dry, I do this in the shower on a regular bases. Finish off by cleaning glass, mirrors and taps with Wendyl’s Glass Cleaner.

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  1. I swear by Mould Magic. I live in a house which doesn’t have the best ventilation so use it on a monthly basis as a preventive measure. I honestly don’t know how I survived without it!!

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      I’m not sure that would work as they may be damaged when soaking, if you have a huge tub it may work out, I would do a spot test on part of the curtain with salt well diluted with water and put into a spray bottle.

  2. Hello Wendyl’s,
    we are a resort with 142 rooms and my current challenge is mould in the bathroom which tend to grow even after applying exit mould can you please suggest me Eco friendly way to kill the mould.

    Thank you in Advance 🙂

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      Hi, one of the best things for mould is clove oil, brush off as much mould as you can, mix 3ml with 1 litre of water then spray on what’s left, leave for a day and then wipe it off. Follow up by spraying with Wendyl’s Mould Magic which will help to stop the mould growing, you will need to reapply this every 6-8 weeks depending on how bad the problem is.

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