Mould Emergency!


I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning now that the weather’s warming up and I came across some very mouldy shoes in a box at the back of our storage space. After thoroughly cleaning the cupboard and making sure that no mould spores were present, I gave the area a good spray with Mould Magic and left it to dry. Then I got to wondering if the Mould Magic would work on the shoes. So off to the laundry to give it a try.

After a rub over with an old damp sponge, I sprayed the Mould Magic on liberally and cleaned off any excess that was left with a soft cloth, making sure I got all the crevices.  I’m really impressed with the results. The essential oils in the Mould Magic have reconditioned the leather somewhat without leaving a greasy film, I think I shall try it on my leather jacket next.  These are the before and after shots.   -Triona




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      Hi Anne, I used it to clean my leather jacket and also a leather foot stool and both turned out really well. I would do a spot check first to make sure, especially on the cream leather chairs as everything I’ve tried so far has been black.

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