Moth Repellent Linen Bags

Naphthalene, the main ingredient in conventional moth balls, is listed as a registered carcinogen by the FDA, so natural moth repellents are the only safe choice. These are great to use when storing your woollens, blankets, sheets or clothes. The herbs in this recipe smell wonderful with the added essentials oils, lavender and cinnamon, both repel moths and make the bags more effective.

For this recipe, you’ll need dry herbs; you can purchase these or dry them yourself at home, for how to do this see our blog. If you’re thinking of using different essential oils, be warned, there are some that moths are attracted too, don’t use lemon, mint, sweet orange or bay leaf essential oils.

Moth Repellent Linen Bags

50g dried rosemary

25g dried lavender

25g black peppercorns, crushed slightly

25g dried thyme

25g ginseng tea (usually found in health or organic stores)

20g whole cloves

Lavender True Essential Oil

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Combine all of the herbs, cloves and peppercorns together then measure out even portions and put into sachets, this recipe should make about four small bags.

Next add one drop of lavender and one drop cinnamon essential oil to each bag. To purchase essential oils go here 

I used little organza jewellery bags as the sachets, you can buy them online here or at haberdashery shops.

If you can turn your hand to sewing you can make your own sachets by following this tutorial 


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      Hi Kath, you can use dried herbs from the supermarket. If you can’t find ginseng you can often get it as a tea from health shops.

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  1. Made more these before Xmas no problem getting the products, they not only work but smell great .My 12yr old grand daughter ses she loves my linen cupboard smells. So today I am taking some down for her

  2. Hi, I was wondering if these bags could also used to keep silverfish away? And wondered if you knew how to get rid of wood lice? Thanks

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  3. Thanks, look forward to making the bags! In regards to the borax, is there something I should mix it with as I note on your website you say it can be “toxic in high doses”, thanks heaps

  4. I found out about you in That’s Life magazine. What a great website too!!

    I will definitely make these bags, I know someone who still uses mothballs, not only smell awful they are known to be very bad stuff!

    Think she’ll be getting some of these for Christmas!!

  5. Hi,
    Am after some advice. I put moth balls in my babies clothes that I was packing away only to find out after 5 hours it had stunk the room and clothes and cupboard out. Thankfully I had wrapped the moth balls in 4 layers of tissue so weren’t directly on the clothes. Have the clothes hanging on the line last night and today, the smell seems to have gone. Was going wash them and hang on line again, do you think this is enough? Am going to make up your natural repellent now, and will never use mothballs again!!
    Thanks for you help

  6. Hi,
    I went looking for Ginseng and could only get the powder so consequently the organza bags are not suitable as the powder just comes through them so now have to sew fabric bags. It would have been helpful to know that Ginseng comes in various forms, obviously as tea leaves which were not available at the shops I went into.

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