Make Your Own Fly Spray


In my relentless quest for a fly free home, I’ve been trying different natural solutions. The Fly Sphere I shared a couple of weeks ago works very well, but you do need light for it to be effective. I’ve tried making flypaper with golden syrup and sugar, and I have put pots of mint around the place as that is also a deterrent, but mint plants lose their scent and fly repelling qualities after a week or so.

Next, I bought a couple of fly traps from Bunnings that have some terrible smelling stuff inside. They do catch the flies but also have a strong smell; you have to keep them a fair distance from the house which is good for all the flies out there, but there are still plenty heading inside. After searching our archives, I found this recipe for a fly spray you can easily make at home with ingredients you probably have on hand.

Wendyl found this recipe on a horse website, she had this to say “it’s more of a repellent than a killer, but if you manage to get them really wet with it, which can require a good aim and a relaxed attitude towards getting it all over your windows, they’ll die. The tea is an excellent repellent for flies and can actually be used on your skin.”

DIY Fly Spray 

8ml citronella

1 tbsp meths

2 tsp washing-up liquid

2 tbsp Wendyl’s premium double strength white vinegar

150ml strong tea

Mix together and add filtered water to make one litre. Pour into a spray bottle and set it on a reasonably concentrated spray.



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