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Make a flea trap

We’ve had this easy flea trap recipe on our site for quite some time and have had a lot of positive feedback regarding its effectiveness. Now that the summer weather is truly upon us, so is the possibility of fleas making their way inside and taking up residence in our carpets and between our floorboards, which is where they spend most of their time (rather than on our animals), so it makes sense to trap them.

Here’s how to make a flea trap    

You’ll need a white saucer, a stable desk lamp with a warm, bright bulb, water and natural dish wash liquid.

Make your flea trap by filling the saucer with 3/4 full with water, then add the natural dish liquid and stir to combine. For 2 cups of water you’ll need 2 teaspoons of natural wash liquid. Place the saucer in the room you are having flea problems with, then place the lamp near the saucer with the light shining directly over the water/dish wash solution and turn all lights off in the room. That’s it – when you get up in the morning check to see how many you’ve caught, this will give you some idea of the problem, repeat again each night to catch more. While homemade flea traps won’t eradicate a large flea population, they can help you control and monitor a small or dying infestation.

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  1. Hi Wendyl – I see your wonderful solutions to all things – but do you have one for Australian bull ants. My daughter has millions of them at her house in the grass and they bite leaving pain and large welts on my grand daughter. Would this one for a flea trap work do you think???
    Hope you can help

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