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Make Dish Cloths Out Of Towels

I’m absolutely loving using the crocheted dishcloths that Ann made for me, they don’t get smelly, are super easy to clean and are very absorbent; so much better than using a synthetic sponge.

Now I’d like several more, but not being much of a knitter myself, I was looking for other dishcloth options when one of our newsletter readers sent in this idea – making dishcloths from old towels. What a great way to upcycle.

“Most people have a hot water cupboard full of towels and I was over buying new dishcloths every couple of months.  Apparently the yellow cloths are full of micro-fibres.
We discovered a few years ago that old bath towel make excellent dishcloths when cut to the right size and hemmed.  We choose a towel that had good absorption and out of one towel we got about 10/12 dishcloths.”

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      Hi Deb. Sorry about that, wasn’t very clear 🙂

      Microfibre cloths are not good for the environment as the fibres are extruded from polyesters and polyamides which are made from petrochemicals making them a nonrenewable resource, they also do not biodegrade and are generally unable to be recycled. The microfibres get washed into our water ways and oceans and subsequently end up inside marine life. Here’s a link to our blog about microfibres.https://www.wendyls.co.nz/the-misconception-of-microfiber/

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